The Hampton Half

Posted: July 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

On Saturday September 4th, 2010, I will be competing in what I consider the aptly named Hampton Half.  I consider it so aptly named, because it is my own creation.  I had planned to train for a half marathon for the fall, but could not find one that agreed with my schedule, or my desire to not pay a large entry fee.  I realized, after deliberation, that the accomplishment was in the run itself, and not in any particular race.  Additionally, my personal efforts may get diluted in a larger race.

I enjoy a zest for creating, and set out to not only create a course to run, but the entire experience surrounding the course, most of which is still in the making.  The course is set, the rough logo is seen above.  I like to think big, T shirts, real time GPS tracking, maybe even press involvement, if they’ll have me.

Why should they have me? Honestly other than to feed my sheer narcissism, I do not have a good reason. However, there is a goal beyond my personal creative and physical fitness.

For the past year or so, my mother has valiantly fought, and continues to fight advanced stage lung cancer.  This run is dedicated to her and her battle.  I have selected the charity LUNGevity, as a worthy recipient to raise fund for lung cancer research.  I have never been good at fund raising, I was usually the kid who just used his allowance to buy all of the raffle tickets or candy bars I was assigned to sell.  Unfortunately, my mothers condition has ignited me with the helpless need to do something.  I cannot cure my mother, but I can hope to help cure others that come after her with the same disease.  Your donations are greatly appreciated.  I have set up a FirstGiving page to accept contributions.  Thank you in advance.

The run will take me through the back roads of Easthampton,Southampton,Westhampton, and will end in Northampton, Massachusetts.  It appears to be a moderate to difficult course, consisting of a gradual climb for the first 6 miles, followed by a steady decline (hopefully not my own) as it rolls into Northampton.  Many of the roads have no shoulders, which should provide some interesting experiences for me and approaching motorists, but I am really looking forward to this.  I can truly say that I am excited.

Your participation is welcome.  Your support, suggestions, and contributions are all appreciated.  Expect more information about T shirts, GPS information, etc.  I look forward to hearing from you.  The route can be found here, and is represented below.  Only about a month to go!!


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