Ten Miles High…Rocking Into The Night

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Last weekend could not have been bookended any better. It was a delicious weekend sandwich.  A ten mile run on Saturday morning, and karaoke on Sunday evening. It was the perfect way to begin and end this first weekend of August, or any weekend for that matter (although I don’t know if I’m keen on running 10 miles in January, for instance).

Ten miles was the goal.  Leading up to this run, the most distance I had every completed was nine and a half, and that was only because I got lost, and had to run a mile and a half extra.  In fact prior to this year, the most I had ever run was seven and a half miles, two years ago, and before that five miles when I was seven.  Yes, there was quite a gaping hole in my physical fitness for a long time.  My oblivion of slovenliness.  I had willingly run nine miles the week before in the ninety degree heat, and had barely survive.  It felt like too much, and pretty much after five miles into that run, I felt awful.

Needless to say, I had quite a bit of trepidation around adding a mile to what had a week before been a difficult distance.  At least I was smart to start early, and remove the temperature factor.  Additionally, I brought along some Gu in an attempt to bolster my intra workout nutrition.  I drove my wife crazy the night before, obsessing on my run as the focus of the morning, getting up, and getting out of the house on time.  I plotted out this course on daily mile.

I had trained my legs pretty hard the day prior, so I had that going against me, and I felt it as I eased into the first mile.  Quantity, not quality, i.e. speed is my mantra for distance, and perhaps my own passive aggressive way to make myself feel better that I am so slow.

I put the first mile behind me feeling rather good, and turned my attention to the next half mile which was a moderate climb.  As that drifted by, I began to settle in and was feeling surprisingly good.  My mind began to wander as it often does in my running meditations, and the silly words of Dr. Seuss drifted into my head:

We'll find something new to do now.
Here is lots of new blue goo now.
New goo.  Blue goo.
Gooey.  Gooey.
Blue goo.  New goo.
Gluey. Gluey.

Gooey goo for chewy chewing!
That's what that Goo-Goose is doing.
Do you choose to chew goo, too, sir?
If, sir, you, sir, choose to chew, sir,
with the Goo-Goose, chew, sir.
Do, sir.

The Gu in this case was chocolate outrage.  Brown not blue, and I did not have the pleasure of enjoying it with a migratory water fowl that subsists entirely on it for diet. My obsession to this point was maximizing my performance with proper intra exercise nutrition. In this case the Gu.  Fortunately, despite the above reference, the run was going well, and I had not encountered chicks with bricks, Luke Luck, or any tweedle beetles.  At a little under 5 miles, I sidled over in front of the Opa Opa Steakhouse, to open my little packer of carbohydrate and caffeine goodness.  The brownie batter like constancy and taste were surprisingly delicious and tolerable during strenuous exercise.  Note to self is the design some sort of carabiner system so I don’t half to stop to access my Gu.Lift off.  I don’t know if it was indeed the Gu, but I felt the best that I ever had.  I’m sure the cooler temperature had something to do with it.  The next 5 miles literally flew by, with an ease and speed of running to the point that I was worried I would run too fast, and not pace myself properly.  That point never came, there was no bonking, just smooth running.  I crested one of the last few hills, invoking Seals and Crofts, as a summer breeze wafted over me, indeed making me feel fine.

I finished the run, 10.3 miles, in 1:40, approximately the same time that it took me to slog through 9 miles a week before.  I was able to run the last third of a mile at a 8:12 pace, which for my ponderous bulk is fast.  Thank you Gu.

House work, a visit from my mother in law, grocery shopping, a visit to my parents, and a two year old’s birthday party filled out the next thirty some odd hours, and then it was time for some karaoke.

Karaoke is highly represented as one of Jagerman’s 57 herbs and spices.  It has slowly evolved from a cautious undertaking after a few Jagers, to a welcome, organized, practiced activity completely sober.  Yes, I practice my karaoke, I work on pitch, note progressions, and design alternate melodies for notes out of my range.  Despite that I remain mediocre.

Faux hawk in full effect I set out to the Paradise City Tavern in Northampton.  I had considered my black leather pants, but went instead with black Agave jean, Gibson shirt, and the Tul Star “chili boots”  (a reference to a pair of boots Homer wears in the Simpsons episode El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer). Karaoke starts at 22:00, so it’s always an extra effort on a work night.

I sang four songs, with a fifth that sat in the queue at kept getting bumped at the end of the night.

I opened with “Bad Romance”, by lady Gaga.  I had been under the impression that they did not have this song, as I wanted to sing it last time and was told it was not available.  I actually planned on singing “Poker Face”.  I probably should have stuck with “Poker Face”.  “Bad Romance” was more like “Bad Singing” on my part, but I stood stall through it and was a trooper.  Not my finest hour. A “C” performance for sure.  My friend told me that at least I hit the high notes.

I bounced back with “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon, which I had performed once before about a year ago, and that was a satisfying rebound, definitely in the “B” range.

A couple Jagers later I was back up with “Dream On” by Aerosmith.  I had never tried this song prior to being inspired by Neil Patrick Harris and Matthew Morrison’s rendition on Glee.  I truly thought it was out of my range, but with a few small tweaks, I owned it a few weeks ago, and really owned it last Sunday.  Definitely my new go to song.  Keep that one in the repertoire.  Solid “A”

My last song felt solid, but forgetful “Eyes Without a Face” by Billy Idol.  It went off fine, but maybe too boring for karaoke.  a solid performance, but not enough umph in the song.  Maybe it just felt anticlimactic after my previous song.

I really wanted to sing “Dre Day” by Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg, but it kept getting bumped and bumped, and the hour was getting late (or early depending how you look at it) and it was time for Jagerman to go home and sleep.  Next time we’ll see Long Beach and Compton together.

Truly a great weekend.  I glossed over the creamy middles. While they were delicious, the bread on this sandwich was really just outstanding.


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