We are…

Posted: August 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

…Family.  Last weekend my parents arranged for a photographer to take a family photograph up at their pond side retreat in the Berkshires.  Honestly, I don’t remember having an organized family photo before.  I guess you can count weddings and bar mitzvahs, but those family photos are a product of the event, and not the event itself.  The shoot went relatively well, my 19 month daughter failing to cooperate for the entire group photo.  I can’t really blame her, considering that there were various lawn ornaments that demanded her attention, as well as the landscape gravel that lends itself well to being thrown in the pond.

I had not seen one of my brothers in a year, and unfortunately the time I got with him was far too little.  Perhaps it is my nature, but I never feel like I’ve squeezed enough out of my time with people.  I definitely felt this way with my brother, him with three little kids, and me with one, it is difficult to find quality time.  That, and my work schedule for the weekend did not help.  This has weighed heavily on me this week.

It’s all about family though.  Whether it be ties of blood, or ties of friendship, we need to all take all the opportunities we get to savor our times together.  You never know when any time together can be your last.  Cat Stevens would be so proud of me.

Two days to go to the Spartan Race.  Stay tuned.


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